There are several ways to get started with building your website, but just as with anything else in life the best place to get started is sitting inside you all of the time, every hour of the day.

I’m talking about BRAINSTORMING!

If you just take 15 minutes for yourself out of everyday and write down what you need to remember for later you will be a happier person all around, trust me.

I’m kind of old school sometimes and prefer to write with a pad of paper and a pencil. I know I have an iPhone and a laptop and there are tablets or other things that have been created to make this easier for all of us.

But have you ever used a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper and it didn’t work? …. Exactly.

And yes smartasses, sometimes pens run out of ink, but what do you do then? Get another pen. Good job. What happens when you drop your phone? …. You get my point.

So in honor of Passover I think we should all just think about something, anything at all for 15 minutes today.

If you’re thinking of needing a website, take some notes and email them to me here. 😉

If you want to write a song, think about that.

Feel like thinking about nothing, that’s cool too.

So knock yourself out and you’re welcome.

Have a great weekend!